Short Essay on 'Jana-gana-mana' (150 Words)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The song 'Jana-gana-mana' is the national anthem of India. It composed originally in Bengali by Rabindranath Tagore. 'Jana-gana-mana' was adopted in its Hindi version by the Constituent Assembly as the national anthem of India on 24 January 1950.

'Jana-gana-mana' was first sung on 27 December 1911 at the Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress. The complete song consists of five stanzas. The first stanza contains the full version of the National Anthem. Playing time of the full version of the national anthem is approximately 52 seconds.

National Anthem of India is as follows:

"Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he
Tava shubha name jage,
Tava shubha asisa mange,
Gahe tava jaya gatha,
Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he!". 

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Sneha Vyas May 2, 2013 at 2:53 PM  

Sahara India Pariwar has taken great initiative to bring the people of country together through the medium of national anthem. We all should come up one by one joining the hands of each other to make a such a strong knot on which every Indian word get printed strongly. Let us make this day auspicious in the world by making one of unbreakable records. Jai Hind!
Bharat Bhawna Diwas

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