Short Essay on 'Jagannath Puri' (210 Words)

Friday, March 15, 2013

'Jagannath Puri' Dham or Jagannath Puri or even Puri as it is called, is situated on the sea shore of the Bay of Bengal in the State of Orissa (India). It is one of the four Holy Kshetras of India including temples at Rameshwaram, Dwaraka, Badrinath and Puri.

There are a number of such monuments that are only historically famous but also have a religious significance. Puri is well known for a 12th century temple called 'Jagannath' erected in honor of Hindu god Vishnu. It was begun by king Chodagangadeva and completed by king Ananga Mhima Deva III, It is a very vast temple-awesome and stunning in its structure. The main temple is divided into four parts. The first one is as described the Biman In front of the Biman in a line are the shorter temples called Mukhasala, Jagamohan and Bhogamandap. Surrounding the temple on all sides within the rectangular complex comprising an area of about 10 acres enclosed by two rectangular huge and thick walls, are about 40 or more different temples.

The Annual Rathayatra festival is the high point of all the Festivals celebrated and has been attracting lakhs of devotees and pilgrims since time immemorial.

Jagannath Puri, is the abode of Lord Jagannath or Purushotham, the Lord of the Universe or the Supreme Personality of the Universe. 

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